TEN Steering Committee

Community leaders, in partnership with Spotsylvania County Public Schools, are coordinating a Teen Outreach Summit/Expo on 18 November 2023. This event is part of an ongoing teen outreach initiative. We were extremely pleased with the number of participants at our spring event and we expect increased participation and attendance at our November event.

The focus of this summit is to raise awareness, availability, opportunity, and options within our community with an ultimate goal to inspire an accomplishment mentality in every attendee. Speakers will be talking about Teen Violence. It is our mission to bring community organizations together to provide support for teens, their families, and the area at large.

Steering Committee

Donald Robinson, Executive Director

Bronwen Robinson, Administrator

Davy Fearon, Director, Fredericksburg Office On Youth, (Chairman of Fund Raising)

Pastor Trent Stinson, Co-Lead Pastor, Hope City Church and Founder of Hub of Hope

Reitha Abed, Asst. Principal, Spotsylvania Co. Technical Center

Dondrae Maiden, Legal Advisor

Alex Ballard, IT/Media Manager

Chris Gregory, Team Coordinator

Lori Gregory, Safe Zone Coordinator

Board of Directors

Bronwen Robinson, Chairman

Davy Fearon, Director

Dondrae Maiden, Drector\Legal Advisor


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