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March 17, 2018

As usual, our March 17, 2018, summit began with a Vendor Fair, but this time, our Vendors were given a few minutes on stage to promote their tables. The fabulous Belle Musique/Beau Geste Choral Groups from Freedom Middle School opened our event with the National Anthem, followed by spoken words from Al James and Kristin Martin. Parents were treated to a viewing of Resilience while Teens were engaged in discussions on Human Trafficking Awareness and Opioids Awareness. Several high school students were acknowledged as TEN Ambassadors to their schools.


The Teen Enrichment Network awarded several local students college scholarships.  The scholarship contest was open to high school seniors in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, and Caroline. The students were asked to choose among the topics highlighted during TEN’s summit, “The Next Conversation.” The high schoolers were asked to  discuss the opioid abuse crisis  in our area and ways teen can help solve the problem in our community or to identify the signs of human trafficking and ways teens can prevent being lured into its trap.  The students chose to create a public service announcement video, write an essay, or create a slide presentation.

  1. Davis Lang of Riverbend HS earned a $1500 scholarship for his slide presentation on the opioid crisis in the Fredericksburg region.
  2. Madison Burnard of Chancellor HS  was awarded a $1000 scholarship for her slide presentation on the opioid crisis.
  3. Cindy Ly of James Monroe HS received a $500 scholarship for her slide presentation on human trafficking.
  4. Megan Earnesty of Chancellor HS was awarded a $500 scholarship for her public service video on human trafficking.
These award-winning submissions may be viewed at Scholarship Awards


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