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Donald Robinson, photographed for Discover Magazine at his home in Spotsylvania, Va. on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017.

Dahlgren Police Officer Shares Outreach and Enthusiasm for Youth With Teen Summit

All of Naval Support Activity South Potomac’s (NSASP’s) finest support their community by virtue of their mission to protect and serve. However, many of the police officers assigned to the command also support various programs in their off duty hours to better their local communities. One officer in particular, Donald Robinson, has responded in a big way and credits the concept of his Teen Enrichment Network (TEN) as inspired by God and executed in large part with input and assistance from many local community members.

Robinson’s enthusiasm for TEN and the “It Takes a Village” event- a teen outreach summit and expo that is now in its third year- is palpable and its reach spans at least five counties. Robinson, who works the night shift at Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren, and others have continued to grow the movement and hope to see that reach extended even further.

“At our first summit, we had 50 participants and at our second 150,” Robinson said. “This year we are expecting even more.”

The purpose of TEN is to increase the achievement level of all youth by engaging local community assets like first responders, educators and administrators, along with various church and civic organizations; the program places special emphasis on supporting youth that are sometimes considered “high risk.”

Each expo also offers parents an opportunity to participate and explore the same topics their children cover. The day will be filled with interactive sessions targeting the middle and high school-aged students and their parents.

“Last session, our topics were police relations, social media and peer pressure,” Robinson said. “This session we will be discussing career and technical schools, careers in the military and a college discussion panel that will explore the multitude of ways that students can attend college for free.”

The goal is to improve the interaction between the young men and women, along with their peers, parents, teachers and other adults with the local community, to empower them to put forth the effort needed to create more successful futures.

Robinson brings the young men and women together with community mentors to encourage and assist them in preparing for careers in the military, in service and trade careers, and in pursuing higher education.

Reaching out to the community, Robinson brought many local high school administrators, congressional staffers, local clergy, attorneys, CEOs, media personalities, musicians and artists to help achieve that goal. Most have life stories that are inspiring, yet relatable to the young people who are the target audience.

This spring, the Teen Enrichment Summit will take place on April 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Courtland High School in Spotsylvania, Va. Along with the breakout sessions and summit there will be many vendors, raffles and entertainment. Robinson will have representatives from every branch of military service, college representatives and other motivational role models to inspire students, as well as a presentation of the Teen Enrichment Network scholarship. Summits are held twice a year; for more information about attending or presenting you can contact Robinson at teenenrichment@gmail.com.


My husband, daughter, and I had a wonderful time at the Teen Enrichment Summit.  I love that the organization is giving scholarships to student who deserve it.  We also loved the entertainment.  I look forward to the next Summit!
Anthony, Malinda, and Anaya Sands



Having the opportunity to work with someone that you can depend on, someone you can confide in, someone that takes the time to help you sort out your thoughts and guides you to the right direction as an adult and now taking it to another level, OUR YOUTH!  Donald Robinson, you’re about to impact and educate our community in such a way by providing the knowledge, time and resources to our youth and families.

I have never seen a group that brings together new parents of young adults and teenagers themselves; this organization is establishing just that.  Yes, you can research daily situations; how to do life do’s and don’ts with your young troubled teenager, or even what to do before things get rough. Teen Enrichment is providing everything you need to understand what direction is the best way to follow, or what direction to follow if your young adult isn’t troubled; it fits everyone.

I attended this seminar not too long ago and had the opportunity to bring my family and witness the guest speakers. They spoke about their challenges and sacrifices that have made them who they are. It’s interesting how they have paved the way for our youth, all our kids need to do is follow the path.

Both my daughters 10 and 14, Hispanic and Black young ladies, walked out that day saying: “Mom, I can be more than a girl from Spotsylvania, I can be anything”.

We enjoyed every speaker that day.

Outstanding Seminar.

Margarida McBride

“Hello Everyone! My name is Marta Locklear and I was the first place winner for the Teen Enrichment Scholarship of 2017. I applied to the scholarship with a video of me discussing how I believe social media should be positively used and I am writing this blog post today to further discuss my ideas on social media and using it in a positive way.

On social media it is so easy to make your life seem perfect through the photos, videos, or texts you post but I personally feel that that is one of the biggest problems with social media. Teens should not focus on posing the right way or getting the perfect angle, they should post pictures that show their true, untouched selves. Big companies such as Victoria Secret need to start campaigns like American Eagle’s Aerie brand where all of the models are not retouched. Young teens flip through magazines, scroll through Twitter, and Instagram and all they see are big brands photoshopping their models to unrealistic beauty standards. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are and I believe a step that needs to be taken for teens to gain back their confidence is to change the way we use social media.
Since I am a youtuber I have a decent following on my youtube channel and my Instagram and I always try my hardest to be as real as I can. And I must admit sometimes it’s hard to film a morning routine video without any make up on or having to take my make up off in a night routine video. And it took me awhile to realize that everyone gets acne at some point in their life and I don’t want to fool my audience into thinking that I have perfect skin when (trust me) I don’t. Having that realization and taking that first small step has changed me into a person that I personally like more. I love being real with my audience and I get so much positive feedback from it.
Be yourself. Post quirky pictures and funny videos. Don’t delete the tweets where you misspelled something, just respond to yourself and make a joke about it.
I hope for a future where teens aren’t afraid to express themselves and I believe we are slowly making our way to that future.
I would like to thank the Teen Enrichment program for giving me a voice and an amazing opportunity to share my ideas to an even bigger audience.
hugs and kisses!
Marta Locklear”



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